If you are looking for assistance with copywriting for your business and marketing activities, I can produce content for you that sells.

Creative, professional and intelligent copywriting that drives action for your business 

Delivering results for your business

With years of experience in a full-time marketing role, I have now focused my attention on my
passion – content writing.

I draw on my digital marketing experience and my knowledge gained via a first-class honours degree
in Psychology, to ensure that the copy I produce for you is not only of the highest level of quality, but
also engages with your audience to increase your sales.

Services include the following for both B2B and B2C markets:

  • Website Copy
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Company Brochures and Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Posts and Engagement
  • Newsletters
  • SEO Copy
  • Business Plans

For more information on how I can boost your business, check out my services page, or get in contact, and I would be happy to assist with your queries.

My Services

Engaging     Target-driven     Innovative     Inspiring


Website Copy

Your website is like your shop window, displaying your business to your customers. Your target audience will decide in a matter of seconds whether your business is of interest to them. Providing content that is immediately engaging and that encourages potential buyers to take the time to explore further is therefore vital. I can write your website from scratch, based on your company’s goals, or refresh your current content to be more compelling; either way, let me help you maximise your sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating a successful email campaign is like making a number of keys to get through a succession of doors to make that sale. Opening an email, taking time to read the content, clicking on the links, sharing with a friend; these are all ‘doors’ that customers could go through and your copy will unlock them. I have obtained numerous long-term customers for businesses I have worked with through writing successful email campaigns. Let me do the same for you.



Today’s digital audience expects a business to prove its authority in a sector before purchasing. It is no longer enough to simply showcase your products and services; you need to educate your audience to gain their trust. This is achieved through regular blog writing. Let me demonstrate to your target market that you are an expert in your industry.


Keep your brand fresh in the mind of your subscribers with regular and inviting communication. I can use your company’s updates to produce convincing content to strengthen your connections and maximise sales.


Company Brochures And Marketing Materials

Professionally written, well-thought-out marketing materials are your tools for closing a sale. Provide further information to your clients and really show how your business can add value to your customers. With my business background, I can create copy for your brochures and marketing material that will make your customers believe in you.

Social Media Posts And Engagement

Create an effective social media campaign to build your audience and generate a buzz around your brand. With social media activity, providing fresh and interesting content on a regular, consistent basis is fundamental to raising your online profile. I can manage your social media activity, over whichever platforms you choose. I will post regular, engaging content and assist with reacting to your audience’s feedback as appropriate.

Bespoke Requirements

Do you have another copywriting requirement? I am happy to take on bespoke projects and believe that my skills and experience in writing and my motivation to provide exceptional copy will enable me to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


SEO Copy Writing

SEO Copywriting requires a creative and scientific approach. Keywords for your business need to be effectively worked into your content without damaging the flow of your articles. My experience in marketing has given me the understanding of how to produce content for SEO, but in such a way that the readers’ experience is not hindered

Business Plans

Business Plans are a technical piece of writing, where certain elements need to be effectively communicated to demonstrate that your business is a solid investment. With my business background, I understand the components that need to be included in a successful business plan and can put them across in a professional and intelligent manner. The business plans that I have written for previous companies have successfully won them funding and I can do the same for you.

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Dedicated   Passionate   Experienced   Driven

Hi, I’m Lorna and I would love to write content for your projects.

I am convinced that my dedication for creating engaging, informative copy will help your business achieve its targets.

I am an accomplished copywriter. Having worked full-time in the digital marketing industry for several years, I am now focusing my time and attention on copywriting. It is my passion. And I really believe that it is that commitment that drives me to produce copy of the highest quality. I love to learn and take the time to thoroughly research a project, understanding the brand and target market to create content that perfectly reflects your company’s ethos, captures your audience and maximises your sales.

My academic background is in Psychology, where I achieved a first-class honours degree, followed by a Masters in Education. Combining my education with a career, mainly in the business sector and including several years in a marketing manager’s role, has allowed me to develop the skills and knowledge to achieve at a high level as a freelance copywriter.

I have worked with many businesses, both on standalone projects and over a longer-term basis. My areas of speciality include sports, health and fitness, food and drink (restaurants and bars, as well as home cooking), interiors, travel, language and marketing. However, the new always inspires me, so please feel free to contact me to discuss your business and its requirements.

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Client Testimonials

See my reviews

Lorna writes a lot of excellent content for our clients, as well as supplying us with copy for our own requirements. She is an excellent writer, highly organised and good with clients to boot!

Adrian B, Digital Marketing

I have to say that this is just AMAZING!
How do you do it?! I will share the article with my client tomorrow and keep you posted.

Verity B, Cloud-Based Services & Technology

We reached out to Lorna to help us create some copy for a travel brochure we were putting together. After our first call, Lorna had grasped the brief and understood what we were trying to achieve. She thoroughly researched and produced copy for us that needed little if any editing at all. She worked tirelessly to ensure deadlines were met but also to ensure that she was on the right track throughout the entire process. We will definitely be working with her again in the future. Thanks Lorna!

Emma H, Travel

We began working with Lorna at the end of 2019, initially to help us with the content of marketing emails. To date, we have sent out weekly emails which have generated in excess of £7,000 sales and created 39 new customers. Lorna has taken a lot of time to learn our business and industry, this is reflected in the marketing emails, which are reaching our target audience.  Lorna has also reviewed our LinkedIn profiles, new business emails and handbooks to ensure that our marketing message is consistent – she also creates our LinkedIn schedules weekly. (February, 2020)

Michelle D, Recruitment

WOW. Brilliant. Now you make me feel guilty for not coming to you much earlier. That is PRECISELY the kind of writing I am looking for. Great stuff.

Mike R, Sports

Working with Lorna on a number of content-led projects, we’re very impressed with how she can tailor her tone of voice and writing style to engage our target audiences effectively across our different travel brands. Her attention to detail, use of colloquialisms and research behind her work shines through every time. I would happily recommend her if you’re in need of fresh, market-orientated content and look forward to continue working with her in the future.

Kristen W, Travel

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Responsive   Efficient   Cooperative

Phone: 07765 806443