Word play, letters, words

Fun with Words – 5 Types of Word Play

Do you know your palindrome from your semordnilap? Or your pangram from your lipogram? Discover five forms of word play ...
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Black hat

Black Hat or White Hat: Which SEO side are you on?

It is the typical story of good versus evil; the white hat versus the black hat, but which one wins ...
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words, dictionary, English

Etymology: 10 words with hidden meanings

Unless you are a student of etymology, you may not know many origins of words that we use in our ...
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social media, social media apps

Get creative with these 4 great social media tools

Social media has long been a great way for businesses to communicate with the customers. However, we are now in ...
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Content writing, writing, laptop

Content Writing: How to get your audience’s attention

Content has become increasingly important over the last few years as more and more of our marketing is done online ...
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